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Vienna Airport at the heart of Austria

In the heart of Austria is an airport that handled a total of 22,165,764 passengers in 2012. Locally known as Schwechat after the municipality that is is located near to, Vienna Airport is the biggest and busiest airport in Vienna and Austria.


The airport was built in 1938 as a military airport and was used during World War II as an aircraft and design complex for the firm Heinkel. The airport was taken over by the British in 1945 and in 1954 it replaced Asperm as Austria’s principal aerodrome.

The runway was extended in 1959 to 3,000 meters or 9,843 feet and at this time, the building of a new airport building was also started. A further runway was added in 1972 and a connection to the motorway was completed in 1982.

The airport has received a number of notable visitors over the years, it has been the receiving airport for winter olympic teams twice and also welcomed Pope John Paul II when he was on a visit in 1985.

Vienna Airport has continued to expand since the 1980’s and is the hub for Austrian Airlines, Tyrolean Airways and Niki.


Vienna Airport has one terminal that is separated into four check-in areas. There has been ongoing refurbishment of these areas the last being check-in 2 which was closed in January 2013.


Vienna Airport handled over 22 million passengers in 2012, and they are a major hub for many destinations in Europe.

In 2012, their main destinations were Frankfurt with over a million passengers, then London, Zurich in Switzerland, Paris and Berlin.


Because of Vienna Airport’s continuing growth, further expansion plans are under consideration. The areas that will be renovated are the railway station, which is going to have a new Central Station completed in 2015. This will allow long distance trains to serve the airport as well as increasing the frequency of the existing trains.

There is ongoing renovation of the old buildings at the airport. Check-in 1 has just finished its refurbishment and Check-in 2 closed in January 2013 to begin its work. There is also work planned to accommodate the new Airbus A380.

A third runway is also planned for the airport, it is going to be placed south of runway R and will be 3,680 meters or 12,070 feet long.

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