Every 8. service to/from Airport for Free

We are the first and only Taxi company in Vienna where You will get every 8. service to Airport for Free.

How to get Your Free Taxi Airport service?

First time You drive in our airport taxi , please ask for Free Service Card from our chauffeur - like in the photo bellow:

Every time You drive in our airport taxi, please ask driver to give You (one) our company stamp on that card.

When You collect 7 stamps, please notify us about Your free service.

Next time Your order taxi online, select Free Service from payment drop-down list.

Note: If You skip this step - driver can not provide You with Free service.

When Our chauffeur come to pick You up show Your card and You will get a Free service and new card.


* 1 Free Service Card with 7 stamps = 1 Free Service

** Free service can be used only for traveling within city of Vienna

*** Additional address is not included in Free service.
**** Free Service is for type of vehicle wich had most orders.
For example:

If You ordered normal taxi 4 times and 3 times a mini van - Free Service will be available only for normal taxi.

***** Card owner can get new stamp only if owner is driving in taxi
****** Card can not be used by third party
******* Bill for free service will not be provided